The ticket to a magic realm is made of true compassion.

When tragedy strikes the Brooks family, three young lives are changed forever. Utterly alone, Michael, Nancy, and Kevin are forced to fend for themselves, their home, and their sanity . . . struggling through unthinkable grief that threatens to tear them apart.  

Kevin must give up his dreams of college in order to secure custody of his siblings, and Nancy finds herself navigating the hardships of high school without a friend to rely on. Meanwhile, eleven-year-old Michael has nowhere to turn but fantasy lands of his own devise—more real than the others imagine.     

Upon meeting MC, a mysterious vagrant who begs for change outside the local diner, everything somehow begins to change. Who is this man and how could it be that with nothing he holds the key to their future? Fate may budge, but first, the Brooks will need to come together for a trip to worlds unknown.

A smile for humanity will be forever etched in your heart.

James Hook

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