“I used to always say, Keep reaching for the Stars! Until one day, I realized I am the Stars!

– Talina Adamo

When I was a little girl, music was my passion. Writing lyrics and poetry was something that came naturally for me. As I grew older, I produced a few songs and went back and forth from producer to producer. Always trying to find someone who would believe in me to help push me to the next level. I went through a few manager situations that didn’t end up well. I never found the right match, and I never made it BIG in the music industry. At least I was doing something I loved. My latest EP is on www.ReverbNation.com/Talina

Time has passed and I have grown so much, wishing I could go back in time and tell the young, naïve me, that I didn’t need someone else to believe in me. I had the power all along to be successful. I should have focused more on my talents and just kept writing and singing and doing what I did best.

At twenty-five I went to the Palm Beach Film School, so I could record my own music videos. Long story short, I ended up doing several music videos for many artists, but never did my own. I started my own film production company, Black Onyx Productions, LLC and also filmed my very first documentary, “The Love of Music,” where I learned a lot of what not to do when it came to filmmaking. Each next film was a stepping stone and I learned something new and plenty more things not to do!

I started an online Television Channel supporting the local arts called, Black Onyx TV. It became my new passion … even more than singing, and eventually I moved away from singing all together. Visual Story Making became my new adventure and it has taken me to many wonderful places. I have met some amazingly talented people in the Industry both in front of and behind the camera, along with those behind the scenes in the writing room & celebrities on set & the red carpet! 

Behind the Scenes filming a commercial for The Boca Raton Film Festival!

Luckily, I have a super supportive husband and he helped me with a lot of my events and film projects. He works at his full time programming job, but he has helped me host several networking events called, Meet & Mingles.

Eventually I started teaching screenplay writing and other film related workshops. I also teamed up with other experts in the biz and started a schedule of workshops weekly. It was a FUN Community Group to network, learn and find others to produce films & geek out on films and film gear with. I named it “The Palm Beach County Filmmakers!” It has now transitioned to an online only community and it has an expanded sister group for International filmmakers called, The Filmmakers. You can find both groups on Facebook.

One of the best and most memorable short films I have worked on was all about middle schoolers and bullying. It was called “Caught In The Middle.” I have always loved working with kids! Two things they say to never do … Kids and Animals on a movie set. Yeah, I don’t abide by those rules. Two young boys wrote a great script, and I helped them bring it to life by producing and directing it. 

My latest film project was a short teaser for the feature screenplay, “Coupons & Dreams.” I was so close to making the film and then funding was pulled. It was a very sad time for me and my production Team, but I never gave up hope. I turned the script into a novel and an Executive Producer has come on board to help us get the funding we need. It is going to happen! It will just take some more waiting time. That’s the movie business. Until then, I am continuing to write in both script and novel form, with goals to package my stories and bring them to life on the page and on the screen!

This is my debut novel to the right! It is a Family Drama with a lot of Magic!

You can find it online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and several other locations. Please give it a read and leave me your honest review online. I really want to know what you think about it. I will keep you posted on my next book release. It will be an Epic ~ High Fantasy Series! Be sure to sign up for my newsletter, so you don’t miss a thing. 

 One more thing … Currently, I am creating an online course called “The Story Makers” to educate others how to write and package their stories, based on what I have learned. Creating, Inspiring and Encouraging others brings me so much Joy!

I plan to release my course via Teachable.com. I will also be creating content for aspiring authors on my YouTube channel. So much is coming soon. I can’t wait to share it with you!