Hi there, I’m Talina Adamo, a proud mother & one lucky wife! I love to Dream Big & Reach for the Stars! I am creative! I love arts & crafts of all kinds and planning is my NEW thing. I love the arts & I also love to read & write, whether it be for a book or a screenplay or even a blog. However, Audio Books have been my new best friend in the world of raising my children!

I am a filmmaking & photography geek, so I can get very technical with camera gear and editing software. I am the founder and an owner at Black Onyx Productions. There, I write, produce, direct & act. I am also a self-published author at Trytale Publishing.

I am very spiritual and I love nature!

I’m a D.I.Y. & a HOW TO kind of girl! I never give up and I keep pushing to achieve all my goals & once I master that, I’ll push you to achieve yours too!