Vegan Beet Salad

Simple & Easy! One of my favorite quick recipes.

This is a salad I make from my homemade garden. The lettuce and the beats I grew from seeds. But when I don’t have the garden growing, a quick stop at the grocery store does the trick. I just make sure I chose organic. All you have to do is grab the following: Spring Mix Lettuce, Beets & Italian Herb Croutons. For an extra treat and a shot of healthy, top it with sugared pecans and a scoop of Chia Seeds! Chose your dressing of choice, but I prefer a Rasberry Vinegarette and it hits the spot. If you want to lose weight, use sugar-free nuts and dressing. Choose something a little less sugary is always key in healthy eating, but man is this delicious! If you are not a vegan or vegetarian, top this with some GOAT CHEESE!

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