A Journey to Eco-Friendly Living

5 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

There are many ways you can reduce your carbon footprint. Start with these five things first & you’ll be on your way!

Eco-Friendly Disposable Products


On my journey to becoming a new blogger, I had specific topics I wanted to cover. They included filmmaking, photography, family, travel, beauty, fashion and health. I know, it’s a lot. As I began researching how to write a successful blog, I came across an article and a few great how-to videos, that explained how I must pick a niche topic. In the process, I came across a few environmental blogs and a powerful documentary called, Before the Flood,” with Leonardo DiCaprio, that educated and inspired me. I then began to dig deeper on the Internet and continued to watch more educational films. I noticed a trend of eco-friendly living, zero waste, sustainability and I was hooked.

In the past, I did watch a film called, What the Health and it affected my everyday life from that point on. Now, I make better food choices. But, where was I all this time, while ice caps were melting, trash was collecting, stronger storms were brewing, and the United States was over-consuming? I didn’t know much about it. I hadn’t watched any films like, Before the Floodyet. Many people didn’t and still don’t know about this situation and only a few are doing something to change it.

The sadder truth is, most of us already knew what was going on, but we just kept living the way we wanted.

I was comfortable with my lifestyle because I didn’t think global warming was real and it wasn’t affecting my life and perhaps, I was just being selfish and lazy, ignoring the facts as fiction and kept contributing to the problem. We, earthlings, don’t feel like we could make a difference anyway, but the truth is, we can make a difference!

A positive note … many people are changing their ways, purchasing from the good guys and more companies are going green and doing their best to deliver eco-safe products.

I had already been taking small steps in the past decade, to recycle more and to eat healthier, but I wanted to take it further. As comfortable as I thought I was, in consuming and purchasing things that I thought make me happy, I began to realize how much I don’t need most of the stuff I had and how wasteful I had been living.

I’m no longer comfortable with cheap and harmful products that I use daily. I want to save humanity, the planet and the animals from the harm we are causing them, I want my children to have a home that they can love and enjoy, without garbage and pollution, I want them to be able to spend time in nature and less time on their electronic devices and I also want to be able to step out of my Florida home on a summer day, without feeling smacked in the face with extreme heat and scary hurricanes. I barely left my house this summer, thank God I work from home.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

– Gandhi

So, before I started tossing up blog posts about filmmaking tips, etc. … I thought to myself, how can I cover these very important topics that I love, with an eco-friendly twist to help spread the good message? How can I inspire and influence others? The answers started to come …

I’ll revamp my website and I am going green!

– Me

Excited to say the least. I wanted to do my part in making a difference. I started following other influencers, from everyday people to celebrities who also share the same passion. If I want to inspire, I must continue to be inspired. A great leader has great mentors!

As a filmmaker, I know what great impact films can have on people. I will cover these eco-friendly topics in my future films and on my YouTube channel as well. I might even write a book about it. Please be sure to subscribe to my blog newsletter and Youtube channel to help support me on my journey.

My Top 5 Favorite Films and Documentaries on Health, Sustainability & Global Warming. (COMING SOON)


For me, having a clean home makes me feel better. Whenever I have a dirty house, it affects my well-being physically & emotionally. Dust and my pets’ dander give me allergies. It affects my breathing and my sleep in a negative way. We all know how breathing is the key to living. I plan to practice a form of meditation and exercise at least once a day. Yoga & Walking are my favorites.

While cleaning, I have been going through my home, with the help of Marie Condo, finding out what sparks joy for me. Oh boy, what an adventure. Before I can practice making better purchasing decisions for the future, I must first start with what I already have.

Decluttering and Organizing

We are still going through the house, decluttering and organizing my home in a somewhat minimalist style. My husband is freaking out because of it, but I think he sees the value in it, and he is compromising. If you’re in the same boat, you might want to check out my detailed blog post about it. (COMING SOON)

My husband and I have been inheriting and over-consuming for quite a while and I will be going into details about how to resolve that as well.

Environment, Air, and Consumption

Air pollute less by driving less, carpool, public transportation, or get a greener transportation vehicle.

Now, we know that our environment and the air we breathe affects our health, but another important topic is consumption. They always say you are what you eat. So, if you knew there were toxins and chemicals that cause your body harm, would you eat them? No, of course not. Yet, somehow the food industry has managed to put things in the food we eat that harm us.

I won’t go into details, but you probably already know this. If you don’t know, I strongly suggest you watch the film, “What the health” that I recommended above.

Everyone should practice eating as organically as possible. I have recently been made aware by word of mouth, that even organic food is sometimes compromised, with the over spraying of chemicals on nearby non-organic crops, but at least we can make the effort and hope for the best. One sure way to know what you’re eating is to grow your own food.


Gardening is something I do enjoy, but not everyone has a green thumb.  It’s a lot of work, time, and it costs a lot of money, not to mention your hands will get dirty. My goal is to find ways to have a sustainable garden that is easier and cheaper and to find a spiritual balance connecting to the earth, so things, like weeding and getting dirty and dealing with pesky pests, are easier to cope with and resolve.

Red Meat

Eating less meat is another hot topic. The new “It” diet is veganism. The thought of not eating meat makes me cringe, but that’s only because of my upbringing and my false education on protein. I still love the taste of meat and the way I feel at the moment of eating it, but how do I really feel? It takes longer to digest, and I sometimes feel bloated. Besides, I shouldn’t knock a vegan diet until I try it. Since cutting down on red meat, I eat more vegetables now, which must be healthier, right? Right.

Meatless Mondays

There is a new trend called, Meatless Mondays that I do plan to dedicate myself to … starting very soon. I figure this will help get my feet wet as far as a vegan diet goes. I have stopped eating dairy altogether. While I journey to healthier choices, still eating occasional red meat and eating an ongoing diet of poultry, seafood, and eggs, I know that this not only makes me healthy, it reduces my carbon footprint drastically. I would like to cut out red meat completely, but for now … baby steps.

Buying organically and sustainably produced meat products in the process is the goal. That means, certifiably pasture-raised and yes, more expensive farm stock. My health and the planet’s health are worth it. There might be a rare/special occasion, such as a party or event, or dining out where I don’t have this option, but I will try my best to choose the vegetarian options as much as possible.

Also, I try to think of the cute cows and pigs before I take a bite. It usually does the trick for me. Put a picture of that on your fridge.


Getting rid of plastic is the easiest way to start. Switch to environmentally friendly bags and drinking products. You can start using reusable tote bags & mesh bags for grocery shopping. Bio-degradable garbage bags for your waste & your animal poop and cat litter.

You can also replace your plastic razor, hair brush & toothbrushes with new bamboo ones. The same goes for utensils, or you can bring your own reusable ones from home. They also make alternatives for straws if you are like me and you don’t trust most restaurants to clean their glasses properly, or you simply want healthier teethe.

Fast Food and Restaurants

Start refusing unnecessary condiments from fast food joints or restaurants, and if you can, stop eating fast food altogether. Cooking at home allows you to be more organic, eco-friendly and it saves you a ton of money.

Aside from having a travel pack to go on you or in your car when you do eat out, you can reduce the amount of plastic you use each day. Instead of paper towels to blow your nose and wipe the house clean, use a reusable cloth rag or handkerchief, or at least consider a plant-based tissue paper product.

Paper Towel & Toiletries

Well, they fall into the same place. I am looking into learning what products are out there that I can substitute. I currently use bounty paper towels and Charmin toilet paper. From the information on their website, they are very sustainable. 

But, if we really want to go greener, instead of paper towels to blow your nose (not sure I could do this boogie one) or wipe the house clean, use a reusable cloth rag or handkerchief, or at least consider a plant-based tissue paper product. There are several to chose from.

My TOP 5 Favorite Paper Products. (COMING SOON)

Cleaning Products

All my cleaning products have usually been packaged in plastic, even the plant-based ones. I already have several spray bottles in the house, so I am going to keep on using them with natural cleaning elements, such as vinegar and baking soda. I just add essential oil, lemon is the go-to, if not, peppermint. When my plastic bottle breaks, then I will upgrade to an eco-friendlier replacement.


Despite your eagerness to purge all your plastic products, to be stylishly sustainable, you must finish using all your plastic products before switching or making new purchases. Or at least donate them to someone who can use them. The goal is to reduce waste in the landfill and sending all your plastic belongings to the trash, without even using them, defeats the purpose.

If you are like me & you have tons of grocery bags that you use for your pet poop or kitty litter, use it all up and & then when it is all gone, make the switch to something plant-based/bio-degradable.

Same with any other plastic products. It’s going the landfill already, might as well use it before you lose it. And keep in mind, that certain companies such as P&G have wrap and cardboard inner roles that are recyclable, so do your part & keep them out of your trash.



It’s simple. Get creative by repurposing the things you have. Try using
T-shirts, towels or rags, rather than paper towels to make an even bigger
impact on your carbon footprint.

Dear crafty friends, you can make furniture from yarn made from your plastic bags and old T-Shirts. Check out more of my sustainable craft ideas … (COMING SOON).

DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate or sponsorship links. If you purchase something through these links, I will receive a small commission, which will help me continue to write this blog, so I can continue to bring content to life that will hopefully educate & inspire you.


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