Coupons & Dreams is a Children’s Fantasy novel that is currently in its second revision. The release date and cover reveal of the book are coming soon! Originally, this story was written as a feature screenplay, by Talina Adamo and it is ready for investors to get onboard. However, the film producing team has decided to turn it into a book to make sure the story gets out to the world. It’s a story that needs to be heard. The Coupons & Dreams Team, A.K.A. “TEAM DREAMS,” still passionately desires to bring the film to the big screen and they will, but this goal can take time. However, this story cannot be shelved or kept a secret.

Coupons & Dreams “The Novel” will be Talina’s debut novel, so this is very exciting!

We will keep you posted on the status of the book release date and other related events for the Coupons & Dreams franchise.


Life is normal for the Brooks family until a tragic turn of events forever changes their lives. After the death of their parents, ten-year-old Michael, seventeen-year-old Nancy, and twenty-one-year-old Kevin, are left to fend for themselves, their home, and their sanity as they struggle through the tribulations they now face.

Kevin’s life is turned upside-down and he must give up his dreams of college and career to work in order to secure custody of his siblings.

Nancy, an introverted, hopeful romantic, has a bittersweet attitude towards her brothers and her life. A high school senior with an undecided future and an ambiguous career path, she finds herself even more uncertain when she must step up and become a parentified, surrogate mother.

Michael, the heartbeat of the story and a very talented writer, uses his stories to escape his reality.  He wants nothing more than to be a writer and illustrator and to one day share his stories with the world.

Through his curious and loving spirit, he befriends MC, a quiet, homeless man who begs for change outside a popular, local diner, where Kevin and Nancy begin working to make ends meet.

Through their hardships, the three siblings prevail … and with the help of those around them, they find a happy and unexpected ending to their story.

A smile for humanity will be forever etched in your heart.

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